About Impact Hub MSP

Impact Hub MSP brings together a community of entrepreneurs, innovators, consultants, and nonprofit professionals to take collaborative action and drive positive change across the Twin Cities and beyond. We offer coworking, shared and dedicated workspaces, community-led workshops, and facilitate peer-to-peer learning. Impact Hub MSP is part of an international network that inspires, connects, and enables its members and encourages the social impact they work to create.

We host community-building and networking events designed to create an energizing atmosphere with a community spirit and showcase the work of successful entrepreneurs in the social-impact ecosystem.

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About IMpact Hub Global

When you join Impact Hub MSP, you tap into a local community as well as a network of 15,000 like-minded professionals in more than 101 Impact Hub locations worldwide. Our global community rallies around the shared goal of using entrepreneurship as a tool to drive social change. Impact Hub members have access to dozens of locations around the world.

We use the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a lens through which to view our impact in the world.

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About The Collaboration

FINNEGANS' FINNOVATION Lab and Impact Hub MSP have partnered to create a unique space where social entrepreneurs can learn and thrive. In May 2018, Impact Hub MSP moved from the North Loop into Elliot Park's FINNEGANS House to create a new space for coworking, community engagement, and social business acceleration.