Making an Impact: Victus Engineering


We have all been there. Fed up with the corporate hierarchy of your workplace, frustrated with the lack of agency to make innovative changes, not feeling valued or heard. What do we do about it? Complain to our friends or spouses, write a passive aggressive email? Not Victus Engineering. Willow Nichols, Som Boualaphanh, Eric Rodriguez and Nick Zech decided to take action and start their own engineering firm. Victus Engineering was built on the desire to help clients overcome complex design problems through a collaborative and creative process.

Victus, which is Latin for ‘having overcome,’ celebrates the team’s’ diverse background and the determination and grit it took for them to get where they are today. For example, Som and his family escaped political persecution in Laos when he was a child, spending a year in a Thai refugee camp before coming to the United States with only what they could carry. Not all of the team has dealt with challenges quite as extreme, but each partner’s history with overcoming adversity shapes the firm as a whole. In a white-male dominated industry, Victus proves that great engineers don’t have to fit the traditional mold.

After more than 150 hours of planning over a six-month period, Victus Engineering launched in July of this year. As a small team, this has been an immense opportunity for growth and learning. One of the ways Victus stands out is through their commitment to their clients. “Engineers are people persons, too,” said Willow. She is excited to get more face-time with clients. This not only makes the process more rewarding, it helps create better designs.

Even though Victus has only been operating for 3 months, the team has already expanded to Mexico. One of their current clients has a plant in Monterrey so Victus took the opportunity to expand their business south of the border. They even found an office through the Impact Hub Global Network! This is the beauty of owning your own business, it provides the freedom to make decisions quickly and take innovative risks.

Next, Victus Engineering hopes to attract talented designers who share their mission. They want to provide mentorship to women and minorities interested in engineering. The team is dedicated not only to providing the best experience possible for their clients, but also for their fellow designers.