Making an Impact: Julie Delene


The Changing Face of Leadership: Training Wise Women to Step into Their Power

By: Ivy Kaminsky

Julie Delene has been working with women in her consulting business, Move As One, since 2005. She has been a successful strategic management consultant training leaders and organizations to be mindful and co-creative for over twenty-five years, and is a founding member of the Impact Hub MSP.

For those of you that do not know Julie, the best way to describe her is zen. Just by being around her, you can sense that her mindfulness training and practice are alive and well. She walks her walk and does an exceptional job of straddling two not traditionally compatible worlds; those of business and mindfulness, and leadership and purpose.

Imagine getting past your fear and being reminded how to be in possibility. That’s what playing Julie’s transformational game, Your Wise Move , did for me. Through a mixture of meaningful conversation, the wisdom of the natural elements, some probing and well-thought out questions, physical movement, and Julie’s masterful guidance, a small group of us were each brought to our own clarity on the issue we came with. For me the game was very powerful. It reminded me of a pivotal time a few years earlier when I had first decided I was ready to start my nonprofit. A time when I was terrified, but knew exactly what I needed to do. Playing Your Wise Move with Julie and a few other women allowed me to identify the feeling of fear I had been experiencing recently, and it helped me acknowledge that fear and to let it go. Even more importantly, Your Wise Move reminded me of my purpose, and enabled me to clearly see the direction I need to go in now to continue to live that purpose authentically.

If you are a changemaker in any stage of your development, you could really benefit from playing Your Wise Move with Julie. She hosts regular introductory game events (with some happening at the Impact Hub soon). And on November 9th, Julie is kicking off her new Wise Women Leadership Program. She also has a newly launched YouTube Channel, Remember Your Source. In 2019, in collaboration with fellow Hub Members Susan Hammel of Cogent Consulting, and myself, Ivy Kaminsky of Find Your Power, on a series of quarterly events called Wise Women Leadership & Money, Julie will help us transform both our personal and collective financial consciousness.