Making an Impact: Ecotone


Ecotone Analytics was selected as a semi-finalist for the 2018 MN Cup for their new project called “,” an online platform for impact business accelerators to onboard the innovative ideas of social entrepreneurs.

Co-Founders Tim Roman & Ted Carling launched Ecotone Analytics out of the Impact Hub MSP in 2015, to help social enterprises scale their impact by clearly communicating their value to stakeholders and investors. Ecotone creates simple, eye-catching and effective summaries for their clients that can fit onto a single page.

It is important to Tim and Ted that the impact value reports they create are easily digestible. “Our team is passionate about making change in the world and scaling impact, and we love being a part of our clients’ important work.”

They help organizations through research, cost-benefit analysis, data visualizations, and by categorizing client impact according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and developing compelling narrative that funders look for when deciding where to put their dollars.

Tim and Ted met at a “Social Innovation Deep Dive” event back in 2014 where they discovered their shared interest in using business tools to scale social & environmental impact. “We decided pretty quickly that we needed to get some beers and wings together and take the conversation further,” said Tim. A year later, Ecotone was born. will help impact accelerators and social entrepreneurs accurately and effectively communicate the impact value they create, ultimately to secure more funding and support.

Ted says, “Our goal is to use best-practice analysis tools that change the way impact investors measure outcomes and create roadmaps for directed investments in organizations creating the greatest impact.” They believe a new era of Impact Investing has the potential to fundamentally change how capital is mobilized to solve the world’s challenges.