Making an Impact: Mobility 4 All


Born in Vietnam, John Doan came to the United States at age 4 as a refugee. John’s mother, a single parent, worked hard to care for her two sons, however, much of what John remembers is being raised by his older brother, Roy. Roy walked John to school each day, taught him how to ride a bike and eventually how to drive.

When Roy and John entered their 30’s, their lives changed dramatically. Roy was diagnosed with Dementia and Multiple Sclerosis. John has now become Roy’s caregiver. Over the years, John realized that Roy’s greatest challenge was transportation. He looked for a solution to help his brother and when he couldn’t find one, he decided to create his own solution.

Mobility4All launched in February of this year. Described as the kinder, gentler Uber for seniors and people with disabilities, the program offers custom transportation services. What sets Mobility4All apart is their dedication to service, trust and respect. Unlike other transportation services, Mobility4All requires their drivers to go through background checks and complete the special transportation services certificate. Drivers are also expected to provide ‘door through door’ service, ensuring customers get safely from their home to the vehicle to their destination. There is also the option to select a favorite driver because John knows that the best way to build trust is to build a relationship. By allowing customers to select a favorite driver, they can get to know each other to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

Being a member of Impact Hub has allowed John to build important connections to further the impact of his project. This year, Mobility4All is a semi-finalist for the MN Cup and his team also plans to apply for the FINNOVATION Lab fellowship program. In July, Mobility4All will launch a second iteration of their program, adding locations, partners and drivers. By 2021, John would like to integrate self-driving technologies into his fleet. “I want to make sure that seniors and vulnerable adults are not left out of this technology, because they will benefit the most.”

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