Making an Impact: Tech Dump

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In 2010, a group of passionate volunteer board members, including current CEO Amanda LaGrange, were interested in creating a business model that employed individuals with a history of incarcerations. After testing different ideas, the concept of Tech Dump was tested in August of 2011. Now, Tech Dump is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing job training and practical experience for adults facing barriers to employment that prepares them to be more valuable employees with an expanding future.

Tech Dump uses electronic recycling as a fair chance business. This means they have made commitments to achieve the goals of promoting opportunity for all, eliminating barriers and providing meaningful opportunities of success for reentering individuals. The Tech Dump team is made up of 48 FTEs, over half of which are trainees going through the work-readiness program. All of these individuals have a history of incarceration or chemical dependency.

“The best part of working for Tech Dump is the people,” says CEO, Amanda LaGrange. “It is really amazing to work with people who really care. There is care for the service, environmental impact and each other. Everyone is on a journey to being better, whatever that means to them.”

The next time you have electronics to recycle, consider using Tech Dump. They provide secure, responsible, free electronic recycling. Then, take a gander through their Tech Discount Retail Store. You can also support Tech Dump by helping to spread the word! Business owners looking for data destruction services can use Tech Dump to ge a customized asset management plan to keep the company compliant and the data secure.

Tech Dump recently won Minne Inno’s Coolest Company of 2018 under the category of ‘Most Eco-Friendly’ and are ramping up to share some very exciting news about the future of their business later this week. Follow them on social media to stay in the loop! @TechDumpMN