Making an Impact: Software for Good


Software for Good is a team of do-gooders who believe your day job can be your dream job. Casey Helbing started his own consulting business in 2004 while taking on pro-bono nonprofit work on the side. When he realized he was rushing home to do the nonprofit work, Casey decided to shift his business to focus on ‘for-good’ work. Casey founded Software for Good in 2010 in order to bring people and technology together to solve complex world problems.

Software for Good was one of the first organizations in Minnesota to become a General Public Benefit Corporation. Certified B-Corporations meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Casey and his team wanted Software for Good to be more than just a name. By becoming a B-Corp, they show proven dedication to people, profit and planet.

With a modest team of 16, Software for Good takes on a variety of important clients that include nonprofits, health care, government and more. Recently, they have been working with The Arc Minnesota to develop an online quiz to help teenagers with disabilities plan their future. The quiz includes a roadmap print-out that they can share with counselors and parents as they make important decisions that will impact their future. They also worked with the organization on strategic planning and stakeholder interviews, which will inform new online tools to help The Arc increase their reach throughout the state. This is an example of how Software for Good is shifting their own scope of work to include more in-depth research before jumping into coding.


Software for Good continues to grow and develop. Last year, they launched an internship program to help increase diversity in the tech field, give students real world work experience and offer more services to their clients. Their core team is also growing as they are currently hiring for 3 new roles. Long term goals include developing products beyond what they do for their clients. The Software for Good staff is made up of passionate social good enthusiasts who have causes of their own they care deeply about. Eventually, the team would like to tackle some of these causes, such as affordable housing and education, with technology of their own.

Do you have a big idea, problem you are struggling with or change you want to see in the world? Software for Good can help you make it happen!