About Impact Hub MSP

Building on the collaborative strength of FINNEGANS' FINNovation Lab and Impact Hub MSP, we are creating a unique space where social entrepreneurs can learn and thrive. In May 2018, Impact Hub MSP moved into Elliot Park's FINNEGANS House, a space for coworking, community engagement, and accelerating social business.

Our Mission

Impact Hub’s mission is to accelerate social impact in the Twin Cities by connecting members, encouraging cross-sector collaboration, and hosting purpose-driven events.

Our Programs

We host community-building and networking events to create an energizing atmosphere with a community spirit and to showcase the work of entrepreneurs who are having success in the social-impact ecosystem.

Our small-group Tech for Good, Impact Investing, Impact Measurement, and Sustainable Food and Agriculture Communities of Practice create a network of peer learning and emotional support for entrepreneurs striving to make social impact, giving them a place to share ideas and best practices—and work through challenges together.

Our Collaboration with FINNovation Lab

On the fourth floor of FINNEGANS House, Impact Hub MSP and FINNovation Lab collaborate to inspire, nourish, and scale inclusive impact enterprises, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. Alongside our services, we also host these FINNovation Lab programs in our space:


FINNovation Lab's Accelerator program aims to level the playing field for budding social ventures by connecting the dots among enterprises, investors, and corporate innovation. The program bridges the divide between social entrepreneurs and sources of capital by speeding up their learning curve through hands-on experience that readies them for the right investments at the right time.   

The FINNovation Lab Impact Enterprise Fellowship gives high-potential social entrepreneurs the runway they need to build a sound business model that that tackles a social issue in a thoughtful and meaningful way. By working out of our shared space, they also build a community of like-minded leaders they can rely on for emotional camaraderie and sharing of ideas.


FINNovation Lab's University Partnership program builds a future pipeline by increasing social entrepreneurship awareness at area universities.

Through a partnership with the Neighborhood Development Center (NDC), Impact Hub and FINNovation Lab host NDC's culturally sensitive trainings in our space and working to bring more social entrepreneurship resources to communities of color. The partnership helps us build connections in Elliot Park, one of the most racially and culturally diverse neighborhoods in Minneapolis.