Impact Hub MSP believes in creating opportunities for our members and the broader community. We host events to engage our member community and drive social impact, and co-host events with and for our members.

Upcoming Events


1 Million Cups Minneapolis

Every other Wednesday 9-10am

A bi-weekly event that brings together entrepreneurs and the Minneapolis community over coffee and conversation. Learn more!


Entrepreneurship & Equity

This is a 5 month series on Entrepreneurship & Equity.

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4/3 5-8pm

Join us for this interactive event exploring how cross-sector collaboration encourages both innovation and social good fueled by the dynamic assets in the region. We'll begin with a short panel of local industry leaders to build context, followed by small group discussions designed to raise all voices and surface ideas, next steps and action for follow up.


4/17 12-1pm

Only 1 in 3 Kickstarters are successful. How do you tip the odds in your favor?

Join us for a journey through the successfully funded Kickstarter for Magic Wizard Staff. Magic Wizard Staff makes wizard staffs that actually do wizard things like shoot a 3-foot flame or billow a cloud of fog. We created Magic Wizard Staff specifically to learn how to run a Kickstarter and now we are sharing our lessons learned with you.


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Doctors Without Borders Recruitment Info Session

4/23 7-8:30pm

On Tuesday, April 23rd, medical and non-medical professionals are invited to join us for an evening presentation to learn more about how you can join Doctors Without Borders’ pool of dedicated aid workers.


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Adjusting Your Aim

5/1 12-1pm

Adjusting Your Aim: Rethinking your social enterprise's target audience and how you market to them

Who is your audience? Do you need to communicate with different markets? Sometimes who you serve with your social mission is not the same as the person you need to sell your product or services to in order to bring in revenue. We will examine ways to figure out your audiences and tactics to determine how to reach and message each one.


Communities of Practice

Topic and sector-focused peer-to-peer learning networks provide structured opportunities for sharing best practices and technical knowledge. Current Communities of Practice: Impact Investing, Impact Measurement and Reporting, Tech for Good, Sustainable Food and Agriculture.

Click the map to learn more and access the interactive map!

Click the map to learn more and access the interactive map!

Twin Cities Impact Investing
Ecosystem Map 
For the purpose of this map, an impact investment is defined as an investment that seeks to create both positive financial return as well as positive social or environmental impact that is actively measured. This map has allowed our local impact investing community to understand the breadth and complexity of the impact investing activity in the twin cities as well as provide context to each organization how they fit within the ecosystem.